An urban myth lives and breathes behind the door. You and your friends sit back and let the Room take control. You will come out questioning what was real and what was a hoax

Experience the latest in Virtual Reality Technology.... FearVR. This is a horror experience in full 360. 

Vanished into the Darkness is a walk through interactive haunted experience. Armed with just a flashlight and a backpack you must  find your through a dark and twisting building.

Hellusions Haunted House is an interactive experience. You don't just walk through the horror, you become part of the horror. We have 4 new attractions available this year.  

Call (832)280-7692 or


Call (832)280-7692 or email

Hellusions Haunted House is all new for 2017

we are  located at West Oaks Mall (hwy6 and westheimer) next to the theater

You have only 15 mins to defuse a bomb...... What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you break under the pressure or do you stand tall and save you and your group . This is your chance to prove yourself.